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Welcoming All Guests with Open Arms

Special needs and diets

Welcome to our unique outdoor experience, designed to bring you closer to nature and create unforgettable memories. We believe in making our events accessible to everyone, while also catering to special needs and dietary requirements. Here, you'll find important information to ensure that everyone, regardless of their needs, can enjoy the adventure safely and comfortably.


It is likely that there will be quite a few stiles, steep gradients and rough ground; therefore the route is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Special dietary requirements

A vegetarian alternative will be available if pre-ordered when purchasing your ticket. Due to the challenges involved with serving food in outdoor locations, some of which are difficult to access with vehicles, we regret that we are unable to cater for special dietary requirements. In such cases, you would be welcome to bring your own food and drink and accompany the walk for a nominal charge, but please notify us in advance.

Please note that the food and drinks are provided only for paying customers only.

Young children and babies

You are of course welcome to bring young children and babies but the terrain is not pushchair friendly. There is no charge for children to accompany the walk, but the food and drink is provided only for paying customers.

Special requirements

If you have any special needs or limited mobility, or questions about whether the Magnalonga will be suitable for you, please contact us before buying your tickets on 01584 873957 and we will happily discuss the practicality of the arrangements for you.