Ludlow Magnalonga


Radnor Hills Water

The source of Radnor Hills lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this very under populated area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity. As you enjoy our products you will be consuming one of the natural wonders of Mid Wales.

Alison's Homemade Cordials

Meet Alison from Alison’s Fruity Cordials, local producer of Fruit cordials and more!

After working in consultancy, training and computing for many years in fast paced, large companies, (including working for Lord Sugar) Alison felt like she needed a change from that industry, and to embark upon something more productive and enjoyable.

18 years ago, from her home near Sandbach, Alison started making biscuits and selling them at various farmers markets. She gradually progressed to cakes and jams as she became more popular with the market customers. Alison won various awards for her produce including the Best of made in Cheshire and won the Northwest Fine Foods Gold Award two years running.  Originally working from home, Alison’s produce became more popular and she had to rent space in a catering kitchen.

Around 14 years ago she started making Homemade Lemonade Cordial from a recipe her Grandma used to use.  The Lemonade Cordial which was launched at Nantwich Show sold well and before long customers started to ask if she made other varieties so she started and a voyage of experimentation and discovery trying different fruits. 

Always working on new recipes, the flavours in testing at the moment are Watermelon Lemonade and Raspberry Lime and Mint.  Watch this space !!

Currently around 8 flavours are in production at any one time. The flavours change with the seasons including Mulled Cranberry & Orange and Clementine & Redcurrant at Christmas (a best seller).

Ludlow Brewing Company

Fancy a pint? Discover the brewing magic of the award-winning Ludlow Brewery, here in Shropshire and the Marches - an area fast becoming one of the leading brewing regions in the UK.

Located in a specially converted railway shed, just over 50 metres north of Ludlow railway station. The building has been fully refurbished to latest building standards and houses a 20-barrel brewing system. Joining Ludlow's tradition of fine food and drink, Ludlow Brewing Company is a small brewery, which aims to produce high quality real ale for the discerning drinker.

Oliver’s Cider & Perry

Here at Oliver’s Cider and Perry we make cider and perry for everyday enjoyment and special occasions.

Wild yeasts in small batches ferment the cider and perry, using fresh pressed (mostly hand picked and unsprayed) fruit with minimal intervention. We strive to “take what the fruit gives”, respecting the great heritage and traditions of the past but with an eye to innovating for the future.

Butford Organics

Cider has been made at Butford Farm for many a long year – one of our barns boasts a 300 year old cider mill. To carry on this heritage, Janet and Martin Harris planted their first fruit trees in 2000 – a millennium orchard of cider and dessert apples, perry pears, plums and walnut trees which is now in full production.

We make a full range of ciders and perries from still draught to sparkling bottle conditioned as well as named variety apple juices. We do every part of the production process here at the Farm thus ensuring quality control from harvesting to relaxing with that satisfying glass of cider.

Ludlow Distillery

Ludlow Vineyard is located in Clee St Margaret, on the lower slopes of the Brown Clee Hill, near Ludlow in South Shropshire.

Here we have a vineyard, orchards with apples and walnuts, and a Distillery. Our product range encompasses wine, spirits, cider, and green walnuts for pickling.

The vineyard is spread over 10 acres, and has about 8,000 vines. The main white grape varieties are Madeleine Angevine (a Riesling derivative), Seyval and Solaris, but we also have Phoenix, Madeleine Sylvaner, Kernling and Ortega, and red varieties including Rondo, Regent and Triomphe.

Ludlow Nut Company

Our Story - in a 'nutshell'!

We are Helen and Bob, and we set up the Ludlow Nut Company in 2004. Previously, I was director of travel in a company based in the City of London and Bob pursued a career in Local Government. 

Escaping from city and corporate life is a dream for so many people, and that’s exactly what we did, we upped sticks from London and moved to the medieval market town of Ludlow in Shropshire.

The challenge of running my own business and my interest in nutrition and healthy eating inspired me to take the plunge with Bob and set up the Ludlow Nut Company. Our very first products were quality, heart-healthy dried fruits and nuts. 

We now make a wide range of healthy food for busy people including luxury porridges, mueslis, granolas and a range of nut & seed butters. We also supply an array of best quality nuts, seeds, dried fruits, superfoods and sweet and savoury snacks. So if you’re a home baker of cakes or breads do check our selection. Sometimes a little indulgence is a good thing.

Su Casa Cuisine

Tim Roberts: A family holiday to Majorca at the age of 9, coupled with the culinary adventures of both Keith Floyd and Rick Stein first fired my interest for the food and culture of Spain.  Fast forward to 2008 and after travelling and cooking my way around the South of France, Northern Italy, Austria, Mainland Spain and Tenerife I felt motivated to share the culinary knowledge gained with a wide audience, hence was born Su Casa Cuisine, a catering company that brings Mediterranean tastes, flavours and smells to customers across Shropshire, the West Midlands, Cheshire, North Wales and beyond.

We use the best in quality, authentic and locally sourced ingredients along with a passion for what we do to produce great tasting, exciting, and superb value food, suitable for all manner of dinner parties, celebrations, events, weddings and gatherings.

We have enjoyed over 9 years of cooking at such a diverse variety of events, festivals, celebrations, shows and music events which has brought our food, particularly out Spanish themed tapas and Paellas to thousands of appreciative customers, and we even count the BBC as a regular client, having provided over 5 years of on location catering for programmes including Bargain Hunt and Marrying Mum and Dad.

In the last 2 years we have catered on the Tours of both Alfie Boe & Michael Ball, Sir Cliff Richard,  Tom Jones, Il Divo, Madness, Van Morrison, and The Kaiser Chiefs.

This year at the Magnalonga we will produce the ‘Shropshire Paella’, we aim to produce our signature Chicken & Chorizo Paella utilising as many locally produced ingredients as possible.

Dugan's Patisserie

'Hello' from Dugan’s

Dugan’s Patisserie, has been selling tarts, brownies and cakes at markets and festivals throughout Wales. Some will remember us as Love Patisserie. We currently operate two shops in Brecon and Ludlow and continue to do festivals and other events in the area.

We’re updating our Facebook page frequently so follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest!

Polly's Parlour

Polly’s Parlour owns a beautifully restored 1966 VW vintage ice cream van called ‘Florence’. She is ‘one of a kind’ draped in bunting, hand painted in wonderful pink & brown candy stripes with traditional sign writing & simply stunning!

From Cow to Cone...

We serve only the finest hand scooped traditional ice cream: produced on the farm using milk from our own herd, offering an incredible choice of flavours, sorbets & organic whole fruit lollies ~ as ethical & natural as possible.

Moyden's Handmade Cheese

Moyden's hand made cheeses are made using traditional cheese making techniques which have been tried and tested by countless generations of farmhouse and specialist cheese makers.

We make a range of award winning artisan cheeses using the finest raw milk obtained from well kept and contented cows that graze the traditional pastures that are unique to Shropshire. These cheeses are the essence of Shropshire, provenance preserved.

Woodthorpe Preserves

Woodthorpe Preserves are a small local cottage industry situated on the Welsh Border with Herefordshire. We started out by selling Jams, chutney and ketchups we made from our own little orchard back in 2008 to passing trade from our own front garden. A few local businesses saw our potential and started stocking our products.

In the past four years our business has grown but we still hand make and finish all our products in small batches to traditional recipes. We still use a lot of our own fruit but increasingly find we have to raid other orchards in the area (with full permission of course!) and are lucky to count as our friends various National Trust managers and Mrs Banks (President of the RHS) at Hergest Croft Gardens. We have access to many unusual and forgotten fruits such as Medlars, Quince, Bullace. Sloes, Whinberries and Elderberries.

We also cater to the more mainstream tastes with our delicious Strawberry and Raspberry jams. Basically no fruit is off limits and we have had much success with Pawpaw, Kiwifruit, Mangoes and other fruits that sadly, we can not grow ourselves but buy from local farmshops in order to support other local businesses.

We do not use artificial colours flavours or preservatives and this is reflected in the fresh flavours of the finished product.
We supply to the National Trust, local farmshops and tearooms, community shops and local restaurants.



A chef doing a demonstration

11th, 12th & 13th
September 2020

Inside Ludlow Castle with more than 180 local food and drink producers and suppliers: real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches, with samples and tastings.

A musician playing at ludlow spring festival

8th & 9th
May 2021

Held in Ludlow Castle, more than 200 real ales, 150 classic vehicles and live music all weekend. That’s not forgetting over 60 food and drink producers to discover!

Happy walkers following the mangalonga walk

Sunday 9th
August 2020

A food and drink walk of approximately 8 miles adapted from our Italian twin town. A unique experience for food lovers and those wanting to explore the Ludlow landscape.